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Hello My name Is Hristo Hristov Rusev. I am 22 and I have been working as a photographer for 8 years. I am quite interested In topics concerning our Daily Life, politic, borders, social issues, conflicts and war, terrorism, refugee crisis, breaking news and contemporary issues. Lately. I have done reportages from 13 countries and the ones most successful are: 

  1. The refugee crisis and the problems which the Syrian families face on their way to salvation and better life. And that way sometimes has a fatal end. Here, I mostly take into consideration/my idea is to show/ the life of the refugee children at the borderline(borderzone) between Bulgaria and Turkey, also the life of these people situated at the military barns which, which now happen to be temporary refugee camps in Bulgaria; The thirst for knowledge in these extreme conditions; And also the childhood of these little migrants which flies away so quickly.
  2. The terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels. I went there to meet the people, to hear their stories, to get closer to their pain. I wanted to see how the Parisians could succeed in going on with their lives after all they had been through. I was surprised to see that those attacks on 13 November actually brought people together. I witnessed a neighbor rediscovering a neighbor, a businessman rediscovering a colleague! The people there were so close to one another as never before. Practically the attacks, which aimed at disuniting people, failed and Parisians were drawn together. I will never forget the moment when I was standing in front of Bataclan and was taking pictures of people putting down flowers in a memory of the killed ones. Making my way out through the side exit, I saw two young girls desperately crying, looking so miserable with all that pain on their faces. That was the moment when, for the first time in my life, I could not pick my camera and take a picture. It was the picture which I had to take at that place but I just decided to leave the moment there for good. This heart-rending scene cannot be erased from my memory.
  3. May Day demonstrations in Istanbul 2017. A colleague of mine and I travelled to Istanbul to do a photo report about the demonstrations, banned by the Turkish government on the occasion of 1st May(Labour Day). We were up quite early since we know that the city centre would be blocked by the Police and that it would be impossible to get to Taksim Square. We had been walking for a long time until we got to the first police post. However, after showing our press cards, having our luggage examined and a short conversation, we were allowed to pass through. So we got to the protest site on time. We took some pictures (which we thought were rather significant) and then we decided to move along to the side streets, since I knew that the situation got most critical there every year. After a short turn I can get sightof an interesting picture which I wanted to shoot – it was a fire brigade vehicle in the middle of an empty boulevard surrounded/blocked by the Police. When I took that shot I felt someone hitting me on the back and trying to pull my rucksack down. I turned around and saw an armed policeman asking me who I was and what I was doing. I replied I was a photographer and that I had come to document the event. In an instant two more officers came and I was encircled. They explained to me I was not allowed to take photos of the policemen. My answer was that I had not taken any pictures of them and that this was not what I was trying to do. Then they took my equipment and started going through my camera pictures. At that time I was secretly praying not to have them erased – that was my piece of work and I wished to keep it. They saw a few pictures o their colleagues at the protest in Taksim Square and asked me why I had been lying to them. I didn’t know what to say but then I said I had asked those other policemen for permission to take photos of them and that they had allowed me to do so. I really didn’t think they would believe me, however they did. I was released and asked to be careful.

I love everything in my job – I love travelling, working and I have nothing to fear of – except of myself. I always attempt to give my best during the working process until I take the best shot of the event. I try to be the man “in the first line”, to show the truth as it is – you know – a photo cannot lie! I try to be creative, true to myself, to people and to the media I’he been working for.

I would like to be a part of the Washington Post Talented Network. I know I can take this responsibility and work on the required professional level. It would be great honour for me to work with your media!

Trust in me! If you give me a chance to this job, I promise to put my heart and soul into it.

Awards and recognitio

  • BG PRESS PHOTO (2016/2017)
  • I was awarded with the special prize of the best young Bulgarian photojournalist (under 23 years – for the second consecutive year)
  • Second prize for documentary photojournalism from Bulgaria
  • First and Third prize for International photojournalism


  • One of the best Bulgarian photojournalist of XXI century – BG Press Photo (15 years jubilee exhibition) 2017


  • Winner – The best young photojournalist – BG Press Photo 2016
  • Runner-up – Best documentary photo – BG Press Photo 2016
  • Winner and third price – International photo – BG Press Photo 2016
  • Multiple photos select in pics of the year by NurPhoto Agency
  • Semi-Finalist from Siena International photo Awards
  • Participant of Lens Culture portfolio reviews, during the World Press Photo awards


  • Winner – The best young photojournalist – BG Press Photo
  • Runner-up – Best documentary photo – BG Press Photo
  • Third place – International photo – BG Press Photo
  • Multiple photos select in pics of the year by NurPhoto Agency
  • Two pictures of mine were selected in the best news pictures of the Year selection by NurPhoto Agency
  • My picture is selected in the “Best pics of the year” selection by the European Parliament


  • First prize from the Embassy of the United States in Bulgaria on the theme of “The President during his work time”


I have had several one-man-show exhibitions and participated in many combined exhibitions, such as:

  • Exhibition “Photo of the year”- BG PRESS PHOTO – (2014, 2015, 2016) in Budapest (2016)
  • One-man-show in Saint-Petersburg, Russia (2015)
  • Saud Al-Thani photo awards in Doha, Qatar (2016)
  • Exhibition “Photo of the Year” CANON – Bulgaria at the National Art Gallery (2012,  2013, 2014, 2015)
  • Exhibition of “Phodar Biennial” (2015)
  • Exhibition at the Primary Ministry of Republic of Bulgaria(2013)

I’ve worked in 12 countries as Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Romania, Macedonia, Hungary, Russia, France, Belgium, Netherland, England and Thailand.