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I was 14 years old when I first took up the camera and I have not put it down ever since. 9 years later photography has become more than a passion to me – it is part of me and the way I see life. And I try to show it through my Life Stories. They range from gazing at people’s everyday life to being at the epicenter of the breaking news of the day related to political events, social issues, and crisis and war.

My journey so far

In the past 2 years I have done reportages from 14 countries and I am happy to share that my Life Stories have been acknowledged and published by the world’s most prestigious media: The New York Times, The Guardian, The Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, BBC, CNN, Associated Press, National Geographic Magazine, New York Magazine, ELLE Magazine and others.

I am honoured that my name has been ranked among the names of the best contemporary Bulgarian photojournalists, and in the last 3 consecutive years I have been awarded The best Bulgarian young photojournalist prize, as well as the first prize in the category International Photojournalism. I have been participating in Masterclass courses on Documentary and Street by the legendary Magnum photographer Elliott Erwitt during the World photography awards of Sony in London. Took part in Lens Culture portfolio reviews, during World Press Photo in Amsterdam.

I am honoured that I won Paris Photography Prize, Prix de la Photographie(P3X)/Honorable Mention/Press/Performing art/2018, Paris, France. In Top 50’s youth creative minds of Europe by the European Union Intellectual Property Offices for 2019. Selected as one of the best photojournalists of The Balkans as selected for Masterclass of NOOR agency 2019 and pic of mine was selected in TOP 100 Travel photos for 2019 by CNN.

Awards and recognition

    • BG PRESS PHOTO (2016/2017)
    • I was awarded with the special prize of the best young Bulgarian photojournalist (under 23 years – for the second consecutive year)
    • Second prize for documentary photojournalism from Bulgaria
  • First and Third prize for International photojournalism


  • One of the best Bulgarian photojournalist of XXI century – BG Press Photo (15 years jubilee exhibition) 2017


  • Winner – The best young photojournalist – BG Press Photo 2016
  • Runner-up – Best documentary photo – BG Press Photo 2016
  • Winner and third price – International photo – BG Press Photo 2016
  • Multiple photos select in pics of the year by NurPhoto Agency
  • Semi-Finalist from Siena International photo Awards
  • Participant of Lens Culture portfolio reviews, during the World Press Photo awards


  • Winner – The best young photojournalist – BG Press Photo
  • Runner-up – Best documentary photo – BG Press Photo
  • Third place – International photo – BG Press Photo
  • Multiple photos select in pics of the year by NurPhoto Agency
  • Two pictures of mine were selected in the best news pictures of the Year selection by NurPhoto Agency
  • My picture is selected in the “Best pics of the year” selection by the European Parliament


  • First prize from the Embassy of the United States in Bulgaria on the theme of “The President during his work time”


I have had several one-man-show exhibitions and participated in many combined exhibitions, such as:

  • Exhibition “Photo of the year”- BG PRESS PHOTO – (2014, 2015, 2016) in Budapest (2016)
  • One-man-show in Saint-Petersburg, Russia (2015)
  • Saud Al-Thani photo awards in Doha, Qatar (2016)
  • Exhibition “Photo of the Year” CANON – Bulgaria at the National Art Gallery (2012,  2013, 2014, 2015)
  • Exhibition of “Phodar Biennial” (2015)
  • Exhibition at the Primary Ministry of Republic of Bulgaria(2013)