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City within the city

    A city within the city, this is how the famous Istanbul fish market is often described. Situated in of  the most picturesque parts of the cosmopolitan city it is a gathering point not only for fishermen but for traders, restaurant owners and to everyone who appreciate what sea has to offer. Tons of freshly caught fish are traded each morning here. Thousands of people –  fishermen, auctioneers,  wholesalers, restaurant owners, trolley pushers and onlookers cram the place in order to choose the best from the best. Meanwhile the fishermen’s boats are resting at the near by harbour. The catch is carried inside by trollies with flocks of seagulls flying above. It is part of the tradition that each morning after returning from sea fishermen go to the near by mosque to pray to lord’s mercy. The variety of fish and its plenty is more significant in wintry months. Each morning all the most expensive and famous restaurants in the mega polis are sending vans to load the delivery. Hundreds of deals are stuck each morning. The tightly packed  place look similar to world stock exchanges with  busy negotiations and phone calls going on practically all the time. Over a thousand men are making a living from the market. Atlantic bonito and hamsi are amongst most popular kinds of fish in the busiest months of winter.  To people working there the market is a unique blend of life. It is also regarded as an alternative tourist destination. The sounds and sights of the place are contributing to its unmatched charm. The smell of fresh fish attracts thousands of birds whose roaring echoes in the walls of the buildings. As in all Orient bargaining is in full swing. Cold and damp are a common place but everyone involved hardly notices them. It is well known fact that the best fresh fish in town can be purchased here.

    It has  convenient location in one of the most popular areas in European parts of Istanbul and impeccable reputation. The place has undergone various reconstructions though the years and  has had it’s original Eastern appeal replaced by modernity. According to many tourist sites it is one of the must see places in Istanbul.