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Life in foreign lands

    My photo story is long term project work that covers the first steps of migrant crisis from Syria into Europe. During the years of 2013 and 2015 I had the opportunity to follow and reflect the way of life of the refugees, who cross Bulgarian-Turkish border illegally and what difficulties they face in the special camps built for them. I” ve got this opportunity, because of the fact, that I live in Svilengrad, a small city on the Bulgarian-Turkish border, which became a crossroad for these looking-for-hope people . The photos show the stages of refugee wave during the years, close to the cities of Svilengrad in Bulgaria and Edirne in Turkey. I’ve put a focus on children’s life in these camps, that are located just 15-20 km away from the border, in what conditions do they live, have fun and learn English in improvised classrooms, and all that living as foreigners, s they are accepted by the local population. These are the freestyle camps in village of Pastrogor and the admission checkpoint in the town of Harmanli, where the refugees life in abandoned military barracks; and the closed type camp in the town of Ljubimets.