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Story of a Brazilian favela

Aliciana Cabral is a 59 years old woman, who lives in the favela in the city of Juiz de Fora, around 200 km from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. All her life she had a painter and made different kind of arts. Her love with the paints started when she was just 5 years old child. There were no classes when she was young, but she really wanted to paint. She had no money to buy colors and she started going around the streets and the gardens searching for things from the nature to draw with her fingers. Aliciana had been studying in a college architecture and after that took gardener graduation. She lived 11 years in the favelas in Rio de Janeiro and she dont want to remind these years. Aliciana share with us, that in the favelas in Rio is really dangerous. When she was studying in a college inside a favela, there were some normal days, When she went to collage there were 7 bodies of killed people, who laid inside the school yard from the past night. The frequent things that happens everyday are to rob some buses from the public transport, kidnap people and in every corner or in the bus you can see people with guns. There were days when some of biggest highway in Rio were closed by the people from favelas in order to rob the busses, the cars or the trucks. It happens often there, she told. Nowadays Cabral is living with her family and met his Portugal husband in internet and they are happy together. She dont care about the money, just want to live quiet, healthy and really love dogs, Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais on July 21, 2017