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    In December when I went to Paris to meet with people and hear their stories, so I can get closer to their pain, I saw a sign saing in big letters “HAPPY HOURS”. In fact, this sign attracts the customers during the time between 6pm and 8pm, when there is discount on food or something else. The terror happens just after these “Happy Hours”.

    People are walking around Paris and shooting. Shooting to everyone. There’s something odd .I’ll never forget the things that happened those days. Even at the moment, although I did not get hurt, but the city I live in for long time. We’re talking about an act of terrorism here, which aims to frighten and terrorize the population. Danger is everywhere.  On the field of war you know what to expect at any time, but here danger comes and anytime you see a bearded man on the street you think, look he is a bad man. In fact, this bearded man waits for his daughter, he paints the walls on the streets as you or the rest of the people do.